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Commercial Projects

From ground-up projects to repair work from natural or human causes, Jobe Masonry Inc. has the professional experience to assist your business in any way possible. When it comes to repair work, we pride ourselves in not only fixing the problem, but leaving the project in better condition than we left it. So when someone decides to run their car into your building or mother nature strikes, you can trust us to swiftly fix your building in a timely manner!

Completed Projects

Metro PCS, Bossier City LA
After a car ran into this building, the property owner called our skilled masons for a timely fix. From demolishing the existing structure, to washing down the newly laid brick, this building now looks good as new!
Central Library, Bossier City LA
After originally doing the masonry on the library many years ago, we had the honor of reworking a brick column that had been hit by a vehicle and restoring this structure to its original condition!
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